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A DPT Primer

By Toad
v. 1.1 - 11/15/98


N,N-dipropyltrytamine, the lesser known cousin of DMT has recently become more widely available among select entheogenic circles thus fostering a new wave of interest and research. Although mentioned in many classic psychedelic texts such as the Psychedelics Encyclopedia, Pharmacotheon, and TIHKAL, this obscure entheogen has yet to really see the light in the psychedelic world of today. In this DPT primer we shall endeavor to transmit some of the vital information that has been gleaned from our recent explorations.

The power and force of this entheogen is comparable to DMT and 5-MeO-DMT, which is to say that you are in the major leagues of self dissolution and you need to approach it with respect and caution. From all accounts the imagery, coloration, feeling tone, and overall style of DPT is quite unique and very different from the more widely known tryptamine cousins. You are exploring new territory here, and as they say... The map is not the territory.

In the course of watching a fairly wide spectrum of people experiment with DPT some important aspects of the drug have become evident. There is a huge amount of variability in the dosage curve, physical effects, and subjective psychological response. Some people have been completely smashed with as little as 50 mg insufflated while others required 200 mg to really get where they wanted to go. Many people reported being uncomfortable with the physical aspect and body load that manifests as a very specific body vibration. It could be described as the classic kundalini archetype. There has been a wide variability with this, and the people who are more sensitive to the drug typically manifest more of the tremor effect. I have personally witnessed a hard core freak out with 60 mg insufflated and I feel obligated to strongly warn people about the serious nature of this drug. DPT is not for everybody, and certainly not for those just looking for a recreational good time.

There are several routes of administration which have varying time courses and effects. For the initial exploration of this substance I would strongly recommend starting with smoking small amounts of the freebase (20 mg) over the time course of 5 minutes. Smoking provides the fastest onset with almost immediate entry and a relatively short duration (20 minutes). This is by far the best way to learn DPT. Insufflation (Hcl salt) also works very well, but there is a much higher level commitment involved with a 2 hour duration. There are also distinct differences in the subjective effects of each route of administration. Among those who have experimented extensively with this substance the most direct and preferred route is intramuscular injection (Hcl salt). Most of the DPT we have seen available has been in the Hcl salt form and is not very efficient for smoking unless converted to freebase using standard kitchen chemistry basification methods. Although it was mentioned in TIHKAL that DPT is orally active, we found this route to be quite unpredictable when taking it without an MAOI. Recent reports indicate that propyl-huasca works very well using the standard amount of MAOI combined with 75-150 mg of DPT.

Again, we have observed that milage varies considerably from person to person with DPT. Some people were blown away with a lower end dosage level while others required two to five times as much to manifest the full effect. My advise is to work up gradually starting with a very low dosage level in order to acclimate yourself and then boost up as desired. There have been several major freak outs by those who chose to take the plunge and then could not handle the power of DPT.

*It is essential to have a sitter present during your initial explorations of this material.*


Smoked (freebase form)
The freebase is a little harder to nail down the exact dosage level but 20-100 mg seems to be the reported standard amount needed for the full experience with the top end manifesting total dissolution similar to 5-MeO-DMT. Our initial experiments suggest that even less than 50 mg will provide significant access into the space. It would be wise to nibble slowly at it first to get the general feel before diving in with multiple huge hits. The effects begin almost immediately (within 2-5 minutes) and maintain peak for approximately 20min followed with a steep decline and a slight residual. We noticed that two relatively small hits were all that was necessary to access the DPT space adequately for the first time.

Insufflation (Hcl salt)
Start with 25 mg regardless of your body size and level of entheogenic experience. Wait 15-30 minutes for it to come on and settle in. If you desire more boost it up *once* with another 25 mg. If you don't get there on your first go then so be it. Be patient, get a feel for the physical vibrational effects, and find out if this drug is for you before you jump in. The effects begin within 15-30 min, peak for about an hour, and then gradually trail down for another 3 hours.

Intramuscular Injection (Hcl salt)
If you have no prior experience with DPT then I would recommend starting with a very low dosage level of 15-20 mg. For those who are experienced with the other routes of administration I would suggest starting at 30 mg and working your way up from there in several sessions as necessary. Stan Grof reported a maximum dosage level of 160 mg in his studies with DPT, but I have heard from one intrepid friend of mine that he passed out at 130 mg. All indicators point to the use of extreme caution when using this route of administration. It would be wise to work it up in small increments and definitely have a sitter on board. The effects begin within 5min and very quickly progress to a solid peak plateau that lasts for over an hour followed with a trail down for another 2 hours.


The nature of the DPT experience lends itself to a more private and internalized focus. It is best to create a space in which one can comfortably lay down or sit relaxed. You will find yourself drawn to close your eyes and explore the inner world of DPT. By creating your environment with minimal outside distractions you will greatly add to the quality of the experience. You may also want to add some good meditative music to your environment as it can add dramatically to the potential and possibility of the experience. DPT does absolutely wonderful things with sound, and very intricate states of awareness can be created and driven using musical influences. The visionary intensity and nature of this material lends itself to working solo or in very small experienced groups. As with any psychedelic journey, preparing oneself physical and mentally is a must. The usual pre-trip eating guidelines and mental focusing preparations should be applied.

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A large size male ingested 250 mg orally on an empty stomach. Effects came on hard and fast. The first 30 min of the peak was extremely rough, very intense, and he thought he was going to die. His body looked flushed, and his breathing pattern was forced and very similar to what I have seen with 5-MeO-DMT. Once past the peak he settled down and very much enjoyed the state. He commented that it had a definite empathegenic signature to it during the latter stages of the trip and that he was receiving lots of information regarding current issues in his life. He said he would not want to repeat this level again, but is interested in exploring the compound again at a lesser intensity level and a different route.

A medium size male ingested 250 mg orally on an empty stomach. Effects were barely perceivable and quite a disappointment. At T+3.5 he decided to insufflate 200 mg to attain the full effect. This worked very well, and he found it to be a most unique space unlike any other entheogen he has ever experienced. He described amazing closed eye visuals and musical enhancement to be the most notable unique signatures of the material. The space was entirely comfortable for him, and he said that in the future he would like to try it at a higher level.

A medium size male ingested 250 mg orally on an empty stomach and found it to be almost entirely without effect. At T+3.5 he decided to insufflate 200 mg and found the effects to be very powerful and unique. He was impressed with the overall nature of the material and said it was definitely a bit on the "pushy" side. He commented that he was looking forward to exploring it again at a slightly lower level, perhaps 150 mg insufflated.

A medium size female smoked 100 mg of Hcl salt with a slight effect. (We have since confirmed with additional experimentation that the Hcl salt form of DPT does not work very well for smoking). She then decided to insufflate 200 mgs and was rather quickly catapulted into a heavy duty freak out. Need we say more?

Two medium size females and one large size male smoked a bowl containing an estimated 100 mg of DPT freebase (see preparation section). Each person took a small hit from the bong and passed it along. On the second hit they reported instant access into the space and remained there for 20 minutes. They commented on how non-confrontational and nice it was compared to DMT. "Like DMT space without all those pesky entities poking at you", one said. They all liked the fact that the window of DPT was open for a much longer duration than with smoked DMT. The smoking process was easier and much more relaxed, as it's not so essential to get in large amounts of vapor within the shortest possible time frame as it is with DMT.


Preparation of Solution for Intramuscular Injection:
I carefully measured out 1g of DPT Hcl and initially placed it into precisely 10 ml of sterile 0.9% nacl solution. It would hardly dissolve at all so I further diluted it to a total of 30cc, still having some difficulty getting it to all go into solution. Applying a small amount of heat (warm tap water bath) caused it to immediately go into solution and stay in solution. It may have gone into solution at the 10 ml/gm with a small amount of heat, but I'll have to leave that for future experiments. This was all done using strict sterile technique, the only material being nonsterile was the dpt. The solution was then run thru a sterile millipore (.2 ug) filter for a final concentration of about 30 mg/ml.

Conversion of Hcl salt to freebase:
2g of DPT Hcl was dissolved in 150 ml of water. It was difficult to get the crystals to go into solution and it required a small amount of heat. Be careful not to apply too much heat, as DPT is very heat sensitive. Once the DPT was in solution the water mixture was added to a separatory funnel and ammonia hydroxide was then added dropwise to basify. After each drop I swirled the mixture to distribute the ammonia evenly, observing a white cloud of freebase forming out of solution. When it reached a ph 8-9, I added 75ml of chloroform. This mixture was swirled and thoroughly shaken for about 5-10 minutes with the chloroform layer settling on the bottom. The chloroform extraction was then poured off and saved in a flask. This process was repeated 3 more times, with each extraction requiring additional ammonia hydroxide to keep the ph level at 8-9. The last extraction was left to sit for 5 hours just to make sure that all of the DPT was recovered from the water solution. The combined chloroform extractions were then evaporated in a baking dish leaving a semi-clear-white DPT freebase oil behind. 2g of finely ground dried parsley was added to the baking dish and scraped and thoroughly mixed with a razor blade until the parsley was completely saturated. The mixture was still somewhat sticky but relatively easy to handle. It was then placed in a glass vial for easy use and storage.

May your journeys into the light be conscious and fruitful...


1.0Nov 15, 1998
1.1Jan 24, 1998