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I'd Have to Call It 'Bliss'
by D.C.D.
Citation:   D.C.D.. "I'd Have to Call It 'Bliss': An Experience with DPT (exp1867)". Jun 15, 2000.

T+ 0:00
100 mg IM DPT
  T+ 2:00 60 mg IM DPT

Juan and i traveled across town to our friends apartment where we were meeting a group of five other people. After the usual talk for a period of time the first person started off with 100mg intramuscularly. Alert at about 3-5minutes and fully out there at about 20minutes. Juan then went next at 50mg, followed by Hurly at 100mg, then the two girls at 75mg. One participant had been taking several psychotropic meds regularly and he elected to smoke it, at the 50mg and then the 100mg level. After everyone had their dose, and i was comfortable no 'major' reactions were occuring i went ahead with 100mg myself.

About 20-30 minutes into it Hurly became somewhat disoriented jumped up and said he needed a hug. He then wondered around and to my eyes seemed to get more and more disoriented as did his significant other. At approx 45 minutes or so into it he began vomitting profusely and kept saying 'something is wrong' and 'I want a doctor'. He seemed quite dissociated to me. His significant other seemed to have a difficult experience also. She became somewhat rigid (reminding me of a tardive dykinesia like reaction) and also seemed almost totally dissociated.

I found my experience to be one of the best tryptamine experiences i have ever had. I've had experiences extensively with mushrooms (probab 75-100X) as well as significant experience smoking dmt, 5meo-dmt and combinations of dmt and 5meo, and ayahuasca. This material definately has the 'tryptamine signature'. The difference for me was the total non-threatening nature of the experience. I've gotten into spaces with the other tryptamines mentioned that have been somewhat 'scary' at times, particularly at the higher doses (7-10gms of mushrooms). What usually happens is what I call 'the confrontation with the self'.

I seemed to be able to transcend this area with this material. Many times with other tryps I get stuck in what Grof would call the psychodynamic/biographical phase of the hallucinogenic experience. It seemed that I leap frogged over this stage and went directly into the transpersonal realm, and for lack of a better way to describe it i'd have to call it 'bliss'. This lasted for an unknown period of time and was interrupted by my feeling a need to come to the aid of the participants having a difficult time. I personally found no difficulty pulling myself together to assist with others although it definately had a grounding impact on my experience.

The person doing the smoking of the material noted effects at both the 50 and 100mg level although much shorter lived (maybe 30-45 mintues?) and less intense.

At the 2 hour point, once i assured myself that things were probably going to be ok, I decided to further my knowledge of this compound and took another 60mg IM. I found it had minimal effect other than possibly extending the trailing off period. Seems that tolerance had developed rapidly. Further experiments for me will revolve around a higher dose (i think i could easily handle 150mg IM) as well as doing boosters earlier in the experience prior to the 2 hour point (i'm thinking of boosting at the 30 minute and 1 hour point to see if it simply extends the experience or puts one further out).

At the 4 hour point everyone was back to baseline, or close thereabouts. All effects seemed to have worn off. Juan and I were easily able to travel back to his appartment where sleep came easily. I have had no problems with the injection site. It was very slightly 'uncomfortable' the following day. I've had no reports of problems from the others in this reguard.

As my experience with this progresses i'll update the group, but overall, for me, it was fantastic. Im not certain others in the group feel the same way, but Juan and I talked extensively about our experiences and he had what he considers to be a 'peak experience' at the 50mg level. I would describe Juan as usually quite a 'hard head' in terms of dosages, so his experience at 50mg is interesting. He and I are both anxious to further experiment with this most interesting compound.

It is somewhat 'disorienting' which, for some in the group was disconcerting. If one isn't grounded well psychically i would be careful with experimenting with this, esp at higher levels.

Exp Year: ExpID: 1867
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jun 15, 2000Views: 42,919
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DPT (21) : General (1), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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