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Q: I recently bought a Kava Kava liquid extract from GNC for about 17 bucks. The problem is that I dont know the dosage to take to get its heavier effects. The bottle says that it contains 30 servings, each serving containing 25mL soft root extract. I know that becuase it is a liquid it will be absorbed faster and be much more potent. How much of the liquid should I take?

A: Unfortunately, Kava extracts are made with a variety of different strengths and from different source plant material so it's difficult to know exact dosages. Happily, Kava is relatively forgiving as far as dosages are concerned. Taking 2-3 times the recommended dosage of an extract should cause no problems. The only real way to find out your optimal dosage is to slowly increase and see how you react.

Some people claim that extracts are just not strong enough and the only way to get the full affects of kava are to use ground kava root, which can be purchased from good natural food stores. Make sure it smells fresh (it should have a relatively strong smell). Fresh powder is made into a cold tea by doing a cold water extraction. This is a simple process where powder is soaked in cold water for 15-20 minutes (or more), stirring or shaking occasionally. The powder can be strained out or not, depending on whether you like your tea a bit sandy. :)



Asked By : Kava Virgin
Answered By : fire
Published Date : 12 / 29 / 1999
Last Edited Date : 12 / 29 / 1999
Question ID : 89

Categories: [ Kava ]

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