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Q: Hell Yes!
I've spent over an hour TRYING to buy a book! Just how N the hell is it possible?
The object book is: "Opium For The Masses" By: Jim Hogshire!
Or perhaps, Fate; doesn't agree with the idea! Who Nose? Thank U! (Old Jay)....

A: You can buy any book you want by visiting the Erowid Library. At the top of the page is a search engine for Amazon, Abe Books, and Alibris Books. Each of these sites carry Opium for the masses. You can also simply visit Amazon's "Opium for the Masses" page. Just add it to your shopping cart (right side) and proceed with the checkout process.

Asked By : Jay Lamb
Answered By : psilo/fire
Published Date : 9 / 4 / 1999
Last Edited Date : 5 / 1 / 2006
Question ID : 63

Categories: [ Erowid ] [ Library ]

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