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Can belladonna be absorbed through the skin for hallucinatory effects? What are the treatments for belladonna overdose? How long does it last? What are the dosages?
Q: I am seeking information on Belladona Atropa (deadly nightshade). I found some items in your vault, but most seemed to be more concerned with the datura plants. There is a variance in some of the chemicals, how does this affect the experience? Also curious if it could be absorbed through the skin(if made in a salve form) and still retain its hallucinaginic ability? As for the possibility of overdose what form of treatments can be given untill proper medical assistance can be obtained? And last of all how long does if last and what dosages?Thank you for any info you can provide!!

A: We have received no reports about the use of belladonna. The effects of belladonna should be similar to those of datura, but of course it will have its own subjective differences (of which I do not know having a personal fear of them all). Both belladonna and datura contain atropine and scopolamine. More information about these chemicals can be found in the datura FAQ

Belladonna should be able to absorb through the skin, though it's unlikely to reach a sufficient dose for hallunications. There are legends that 'witches' would rub a belladonna salve onto their broomsticks and insert them vaginally so that they could 'fly' to the 'sabbath'. Not to be tried at home.

Treatments for overdose should cover atropine and scopolomine overdose (both VERY nasty chemicals to overdose on, they tend to stop your heart and seize your muscles). If you overdose, it is unlikely you will get sufficient medical attention in time. The anticolinergics can be very risky to experiment with. Merck mentions that Atropine overdose can be treated with physostigmine salicylate, for what that's worth. You may have already seen this, but more information can be found at:

Duration depends on administration. Belladonna has more atropine than Datura, which is not 'fun' recreationally and carries much more of a body load and toxicity. According to Psychedelics Encyclopedia, 10 mg of atropine is a toxic dose. Eating the seeds of datura can last 8-12 hours, mostly of dissociated delirium. I would imagine belladonna would be about the same. I am unsure of the dosages, but be SURE to find appropriate dosages, or start experimenting with VERY small doses first.

Asked By : N~
Answered By : psilo
Published Date : 9 / 19 / 1999
Last Edited Date : 9 / 19 / 1999
Question ID : 56

Categories: [ Datura ]

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