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What is in a tablet marked with an "M" in a square and a 5 (or .5) on the back above a score line?
Q: I have in my possession a pill that i cannot identify. It's white in color and 7 mm in diameter. On the front of it there is a 'm' inside a square, and on the reverse it is scored with either a 5 or a .5 above the score line.

If you could take the time to tell me what this pill consists of i would be greatly appreciative. thanks for you time and effort!

Psilly Scotty

A: With the "5" appearing on the back side above a score line, the tablet in question is a 5mg oxycodone tablet made by Mallinckrodt.

If the "5" on the back side was centered with no score line, then it would be a 5 mg Methylphenidate tablet.

Unfortunately, Mollinckrodt's tablet imprints haven't always been consistent in style from one dosage of a chemical to another. They have a 20 mg Methylphenidate tablet that is marked with a "20" on the back side above a score line (with the same "[M]" on the front) in the same style as the 5 mg oxycodone, rather than like the 5 mg methylphenidate.

5 mg Oxycodone (5 over line)

5 mg Methylphenidate (5 centered)

15 mg Oxycodone (15 over line)

20 mg Methylphenidate (20 over line)



Asked By : Psilly Scotty
Answered By : fire
Published Date : 6 / 28 / 2003
Last Edited Date : 4 / 11 / 2006
Question ID : 3053

Categories: [ Chemical ID ]

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