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Q: I've asked a multitude of questions that have never been answered. I'm always checking every damn day and of course it's not there. Well, my friend has noticed and he made a comment so i guess here goes the question.

He told me that i have a much, much more likely chance of getting struck by lightning while being devoured by a shark and abducted by aliens then getting my question answered. Is this true?

If you dont write back cause you dont have the answer why don't you (for those who decide to give there e-mail and check the little box that says and i quote "check here if you'd like to recieve a copy of the answer in e-mail") write to them and say you cant find the answer instead having them check for months like assholes waiting for the patient erowid staff to answer the fucking question?

A: Erowid has undergone huge changes in the last year. Some systems like the one you refer to (check-box for answering by email) are in place but it's a huge challenge keeping up with them -- there are many more people asking questions than there are people able to answer them.

We are doing the best we can given the huge demand for information vs. our limited resources. We appreciate the suggestion, and agree that it would be ideal for those whose questions aren't answered to receive a quick email message telling them. Unfortunately we don't have the staff necessary to implement this feature right now. :(

I'd like to think the chances of getting a question answered through Ask Erowid are at least slightly better than "getting struck by lightning while being devoured by a shark and abducted by aliens"...but I'd watch out for the lightning at least.

Sorry for the aggravation.

The Erowid Crew

Asked By : dayTIMEdreAmeR
Answered By : Sophie, Fire
Published Date : 7 / 31 / 2001
Last Edited Date : 7 / 31 / 2001
Question ID : 2789

Categories: [ Erowid ]

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