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Q: I am a student doing a research paper and I need to know who you are funded by and also if you have any chemists or medical staff that you rely on as a source of information.

I hope that this reaches you before Wednesday Nov.15,2000.

Thank You,


A: Erowid is funded entirely through donations by private individuals. We have received a yearly grant from the Promind Foundation for the past few years, but otherwise are funded by donations and memberships by our readers. We operate on a shoe-string budget and in five years of operation have never covered the cost of a salary for even one full-time employee.

We regularly communicate with researchers, emergency medical professionals, doctors, professional chemists, therapists, lawyers, journalists, policy analysts and a variety of other experts in the field. Some of these are available for frequent consultation and others are contacted in specific circumstances or to answer specific questions.

I hope this helps. Let us know if you have any further questions.



Asked By : jen
Answered By : fire
Published Date : 11 / 12 / 2000
Last Edited Date : 11 / 12 / 2000
Question ID : 209

Categories: [ Erowid ]

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