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How does dissolving amphetamine in a liquid affect its potency?
Q: If one were to dilute any given amphetamine in water (or 96\% alcohol) would it be just as potent orally by drinking a set amount of mg's as opposed to taking it orally in powder (or tablet) form?

A: Yes. Typically, a liquid solution will be absorbed more quickly than a powder or pill, so effects are likely to manifest more quickly. The potency should be about equivalent, but because of the quicker absorbtion, the liquid form may produce a marginally more intense rush.

Note however that 95% alcohol (Everclear; grain alcohol) should not be drunk. It can cause damage to your throat and mucuose membranes as it goes down. Alcohol is extremely hydrophyllic, "water loving", meaning that it will pull available water into it strongly. Because of this it can suck the water out of the throat and mouth as it passes by, damaging tissue in the process.

If the amphetamine is a solid (pill form or powder), then it is in a "salt" form of the chemical and is thus more soluble in water. The Merck Index reports amphetamine sulphate dissolves 1 part per 8.8 parts water or 515 parts 95% ethanol (so 1 gram will dissolve fully in 8.8mL (8.8 grams) of water or 515 mL alcohol). Amphetamine phosphate is reported to be more soluble than the sulfate.



Asked By : Like ToKnow
Answered By : psilo
Edited By : earth
Published Date : 2 / 20 / 2001
Last Edited Date : 1 / 7 / 2008
Question ID : 2057

Categories: [ Amphetamines ]

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