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Do you have any information about the Oncidium ceblolleta orchid?
Q: i was wondering if you had any information on the psychoactive orchid oncidium cebolleta. i know that it has been use by the native americans of the florida everglades and in south america. curently i am cultivating many plants with ho such knowledge of the chemical constituents or of its use other than what i have stated. plaese respond hopefully this will be an interesting plant to research . thank you for your time.

A: Oncidium cebolleta also known as Oncidium longifolium is an orchid that is native to the stony cliffs of Tarahumara Indian country of Mexico (Chihuahua). It is suspected to be a hallucinogen, used by the Tarahumara as a temporary replacement when Peyote (Hikuri) is not available. Little is known of it's traditional use.

It has been found to contain phenanthrene alkaloids of unknown pharmacology. Morphine and codeine are both phenanthrene derivatives, although this does not suggest that the action of O. cebolleta would be similar to that of an opiate.

This was all I was able to find except one reference about O. cebolleta which follows :

F.R.Stermitz, T.R.Suess, C.K.Schauer, O.P.Anderson, and R.A.Bye, Jr., "New and Old Phenanthrene Derivatives from Oncidium cebolleta, A. Peyote-Replacement Plant", J. Nat. Prod., 46, 417-423 (1983).

Hope this helps.



Asked By : nick
Answered By : fire
Published Date : 1 / 30 / 2001
Last Edited Date : 1 / 30 / 2001
Question ID : 1898

Categories: [ Plants - Other ]

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