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What substance does the slang term 'Tick' refer to?
Q: What is "tick? I have heard of it before, and had a breif popularity in the 70's, but I can't find any information about it. I am mostly curious as to the chemical properites of it and it's effects.

A: After some brief research to see if we could find anything about a substance referred to as 'tick'...what we found is that 'tick' or 'tic' most likely refers to PCP in powder form. This would fit with your comment that it was popular in the '70s. While we don't have a lot of information about it, you can find a little in our PCP Vault at.



Asked By : Bloo
Answered By : fire
Published Date : 7 / 9 / 2000
Last Edited Date : 7 / 9 / 2000
Question ID : 174

Categories: [ PCP ]

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