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Answered QuestionsNameDate
Does naloxone come in tablets, for use in case of an OD? AC Jan 18 2012
What's in a tablet marked "G20C / 879"? Chris Sep 4 2004
What is in a tablet marked "Watson / 825"? MVanityOverdose Mar 6 2003
Is Oxycodone detected with a standard Opiate drug test? JustWondering Oct 15 2002
What is in a pink tablet marked "4980"? yumatweeker Jun 14 2002
Can beta-endorphin be made transgenically and be taken recreationally? brdrline Feb 28 2002
What's the difference between an opiate agonist and an opiate antagonist? The Conqueror Worm Nov 6 2001
What's the difference between oxycodone in percocet v.s. oxycontin? B-funk Sep 25 2001
Will Naltrexrone inhibit THC binding? Michael Jul 17 2001
Can morphine pills be smoked? Dayne Feb 20 2001

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