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Answered QuestionsNameDate
Myth Debunking: Is adrenochrome harvested from children? Ben Feb 1 2021
Is 2C-B a research chemical? Love3 Jan 11 2017
Was Orange Sunshine actually ALD-52? zXurgan Mar 14 2016
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Is "Jenkem" for real? DrZ Nov 24 2007
Does LSD make your brain bleed? Stephanie Nov 13 2002
Do "magic mushrooms" affect the growth of the penis? hgs Nov 12 2002
Was LSD laced with strychnine in the 1960s? Syrinis Aug 2 2002
Can cracking someone's back re-release ecstasy or serotonin into the body? Ecstasy Jun 11 2002
Does smoking peanut shells get you high? peanut shells Nov 6 2001
Can DMT be made from soap and balsamic vinegar? ShroomHead Jun 7 2001
Is LSA sold as LSD? Joint Apr 16 2001
Can I get high from smoking Banana peels? scroumf Dec 14 2000
How do I test for strychnine in LSD? Z28 Sep 29 2000

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