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Answered QuestionsNameDate
Are S. divinorum-infused alcohol or tea orally active? Anonymous Mar 3 2011
Do vaporizers work with Salvia divinorum? Anonymous Dec 3 2009
Can salvia extract smoked with cannabis cause chest pains? LaUdaNuM Nov 12 2009
Is Salvia divinorum going to become illegal? Dan Apr 18 2002
Are salvinorin and THC really "thujone derivatives"? Anonymous Feb 24 2002
Is Salvia divinorum the most potent psychedelic known to man? guava Nov 30 2001
Is 100 mg of salvia seeds enough to cause effects? DaZe Jan 30 2001
'Is it possible to buy Salvia divinorum plants from common plant/herb/home st... Ethix Jan 8 2001
What are the effects of burning salvia 'incense'. Similar to smoking, or more... JIMBAY Jan 11 2000
'Does Salvia use show up on drug tests?' bht Jun 21 1999

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