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Answered QuestionsNameDate
Can freebase cocaine be converted back to powder? bill Jan 12 2011
Can cocaine purity be tested by heating a sample on foil? Erica Nov 1 2009
What is the LD-50 of cocaine? Talon Feb 12 2003
Could cocaine be used to stabilize a difficult LSD experience? m@x Sep 20 2001
What is the blue-color change test used to detect cocaine by cops and border ... anonymous Jun 13 2001
Will rats really keep taking cocaine til they die? anonymous Mar 20 2001
'Is there kerosine in Cocaine?' chris Feb 9 2001
'How much cocaine is detectable by a drug test?' sleepygirl Jan 21 2001
'Can lidocaine be made into cocaine?' Dopy Jan 6 2001
'What is the difference between "Rock" and "Crack" Cocaine' jman Dec 14 2000
'Which is worse for your body, ketamine or cocaine?' masa Dec 8 2000
'Can you please tell me which organs metabolize the drugs MDMA, GHB, Methamph... KenNY Oct 24 2000
'What is Crack and how is it made?' Jaess Oct 5 2000
'Does using cocaine anaesthetize the sense of smell?' curt Mar 30 2000
'What neurotransmitter does cocaine work on?' Brain2000 Feb 10 2000
'How much is in an 'eight ball'?' mamba Jan 22 2000
'Do amoxicillin or tonic water really cause a false positive in a cocaine test?' wondering Jan 17 2000
'Will I pass a urine test 18 days after using cocaine?' paul Nov 12 1999
'Is there a such substance as a cocaine sedative?' Andre GreenT Sep 21 1999
Do drugs like MDMA, Coke, and LSD affect an unborn fetus? Sy Hall Jun 27 1999
'How long after use can Cocaine be detected by a urine test?' BillyBob Jun 2 1999

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