piperonal from pepper



CAS: [94-62-2]

M( C17H19NO3 ) = 285.34 g/mol

mp 130C

piperine [merck index]

piperin [roempp]

piperine [beilstein/crossfire]

piperinum [kad]

determination of piperine ... by TLC and UV absorption ... [30]

piperine forms a solid complex with 1,3,5-trinitrobenzene in a ratio 1:1,
in the form of red needles, mp 130C. [06, page 235]

IR analysis of piperine in black pepper [20]

further references: piperine



[merck index]
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IR Analysis of Piperine in Black Pepper

chromatogr 1985 338(1): 259-63
"determination of piperine in biological tissues by thin-layer
chromatography and ultraviolet absorption densitometry."

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