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Hit Man
by Rex Feral
Paladin Press 
Book Reviews
Reviewed by Erowid, 3/22/2004

An interesting book because of it’s legal history. Ten years after it was originally published, a triple-murder was committed by a man named James Perry who used this book as his guide for the murder. The publisher, Paladin Press, was sued by the family of the victim and eventually settled out of court. They agreed to destroy all remaining copies of the book and never publish it again. Interestingly, this placed it in the public domain where it is now available on dozens of websites for free. Represents an important free-speech case.

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  1. Proof positive of why any publicity is good publicity. (Also a reminder that books,perhaps with the exception of a few papercuts gone wrong,do not kill people.) Ironically enough,the lawsuit turned what would be an obscure book into an extremely famous one that will probably be in print for decades.

    As for the actual book itself: I remember thumbing through it and reading bits and pieces years ago- and I imagine that much of the information,while not known by Bob Sixpack,isn’t anything that’s exactly “secret” that one probably couldn’t find by reading army field manuals and whatnot. It’s probably like the Anarchist’s Cookbook in this sense. While it can be fun to read out of morbid curiosity, one must remember that reading about something and actually carrying it out are two entirely different things. (It obvioulsy didn’t work for James Perry because he got caught.)

    Comment by monoamine — 11/8/2005 @ 11:43 pm

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