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Dziadosz M, Klintschar M, Teske J. 
“Postmortem concentration distribution in fatal cases involving the synthetic opioid U-47700”. 
Int J Legal Med. 2017 Apr 12.
[EXCERPT] U-47700 is a synthetic drug from the group of new psychoactive substances, used illicitly by recreational opioid users. Animal models revealed that U-47700 is around 7.5 times more potent in binding to opioid receptors than morphine. Its high potency might lead to numerous lethal intoxications, like reported recently after U-47700 consumption [14]. Especially, a combined application of U-47700 with other opioids has to be classified as dangerous [5]. Like already pointed out, there is insufficient information about U-47700 concentration in biological samples [6]. Therefore, with this letter, we wanted to present our data concerning U-47700 concentration distribution in postmortem specimens collected after two lethal intoxications.
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