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Rieder MJ. 
“Some light from the heat: implications of rave parties for clinicians”. 
Canadian Medical Association Journal. 2000 Jun 27;162(13):1829-30.
Adolescence and young adulthood in Western culture have been marked by recreational activities viewed with unhappiness,trepidation and alarm by more senior members of society,from nightclubs of the 'naughty' 1890s to rock cxoncerts of the late 1960s and the rave scene of the 1990s.1 The death of a young man who collapsed at a rave party brought much heat to the issue of raves but,for the clinician,little light.2 In this issue of CMAJ, Erica Weir provides some light with an important contribution to the literature that health care providers who work with adolescents should add to their core library.1
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