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Cheney BV, Szmuszkovicz J, Lahti RA, Zichi DA. 
“Factors affecting binding of trans-N-[2-(methylamino)cyclohexyl]benzamides at the primary morphine receptor”. 
J Med Chem. 1985 Dec 16;28(12):1853-64.
In this paper, we describe the synthesis of a series of trans-N-[2-(methylamino)cyclohexyl]benzamides possessing morphine-like pharmacological properties. The affinity of the compounds for the agonist and antagonist states of the mu opioid receptor has been established by means of an in vitro binding assay. We have investigated the geometry and electronic structure of the molecules using molecular mechanics and an ab initio SCF-MO procedure with FSGO basis sets. Comparison to naloxone reveals properties of possible importance in receptor association. We have considered both the S,S and R,R isomers in the binding model. Statistical analyses imply that three factors play a significant role in binding: (1) membrane-water partitioning, (2) the capacity of the aromatic ring and amine N-substituent to act as electron acceptors, (3) the conformational energy required to attain the binding configuration.
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