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Boumendjel A, Sotoing Ta´we G, Ngo Bum E, Chabrol T, Beney C, Sinniger V, Haudecoeur R, Marcourt L, Challal S, Ferreira Queiroz E, Souard F, Le Borgne M, Lomberget T, Depaulis A, Lavaud C, Robins R, Wolfender JL, Bonaz B, De Waard M. 
“Occurrence of the Synthetic Analgesic Tramadol in an African Medicinal Plant”. 
Angew Chem Int Ed Engl. 2013 Sep 9.
The root of the matter: The analgesic tramadol has been isolated from the root bark of N. latifolia, an African medical plant. This finding is a rare example of a common synthetic drug that occurs at considerable concentrations in nature. Cl purple, N blue, O red.
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Dec 6, 2015 14:43
Other Researchers Dispute Finding #

Follow on research by other groups found evidence that the tramadol found in the trees could have been from cattle or other animals given pharmaceutical tramadol by their tenders.
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