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Brunner TF. 
“Marijuana in ancient greece and rome? The literary evidence”. 
Bull Hist Med. 1973 Jul-Aug 19;47(4):344-55.
Marijuana is now under close scrutiny by both opponents and proponents of it legalization, and many of the latter - in an attempt to prove that marijuana has been acceptable in all cultures throughout the ages - issue categorical statements regarding its use in virtually all geographical locations and historical periods. It is, therefore, not surprising that we encounter the frequent assertion that in ancient Greece and Rome the marijuana plant was not only known, but also utilized for its hallucinogenic properties. Since modern writers on the historical aspects of marijuana use appear not to have investigated the Greek and Roman authors on cannabis thoroughly, this article - without attempting to enter into the pros and cons of potential legalization of the plant - proposes to present a collation and discussion of the pertinent sources from Greek and Roman literature.
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