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Müller H, Sperling W, Köhrmann M, Huttner HB, Kornhuber J, Maler JM. 
“The synthetic cannabinoid Spice as a trigger for an acute exacerbation of cannabis induced recurrent psychotic episodes”. 
Schizophr Res. 2010 May 19;118(1-3):309-10.
It is established that cannabis consumption cannot only trigger transient psychotic episodes but also predisposes for the development of lasting paranoid schizophrenia in a dose dependent manner Moore et al., 2007 Muller-Vahl and Emrich, 2008. Patients with a positive family history are at a higher risk for such drug induced schizophrenic disorders Fergusson et al., 2006 Morgan and Curran, 2008. Crossreactions between different drugs to trigger recurrence of schizophrenic episodes are rare Huffman et al., 2008. We present the case of a 25 year old man who had a history of cannabis induced recurrent psychotic episodes and an acute reactivation of symptoms after abuse of the synthetic cannabinoid 'Spice'.
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