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Schultes RE. 
“The beta-carboline hallucinogens of South America”. 
J Psychoactive Drugs. 1982 Jul-Sep 19;14(3):205-20.
-Carbolines occur widely but haphazardly in the Angiospermae. They have been found in at least 64 genera in 28 families of the Angiospermae, in both the Monocotyledonae and Dicotyledonae; and, in the Dicotyledonae, in both the Archichlamydeae and the Metachlamydeae. These 64 genera are divided almost equally between the New World and the Old, and several have ranges in both hemispheres (Allen & Holmstedt 1980; Rauffauf 1970; Deulofeu 1967). No -carbolines have as yet been reported from the Cryptogamae, except in three genera of the Fungi: Amanita, Coriolus and Streptomyces (Allen & Holmstedt 1980). With this type of chemotaxonomic distribution, it is probable that -carbolines, relatively simply trypthophan derivatives, will be found in many more families as the result of future studies.
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