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Erspamer V, Melchiorri P, Falconieri Erspamer G, Montecucchi PC, de Castiglione R. 
“Phyllomedusa skin: a huge factory and store-house of a variety of active peptides”. 
Peptides. 1985;6 Suppl 3:7-12.
The skin of the neotropical hylid frogs belonging to the subfamily. Phyllomedusinae is a formidable factory and store-house of a variety of active peptides belonging to seven distinct families: the caeruleins (represented by phyllocaerulein), the bradykinins (phyllokinin), the tachykinins (phyllomedusin), the bombesins (phyllolitorin, [Leu8]phyllolitorin, rohdei-litorin), sauvagine, the dermorphins (dermorphin, [Hyp6]dermorphin) and finally the tryptophyllins (a set of 8-11 members). Another linear peptide and three diketopiperazines should be added to the list. The biochemical and pharmacological positions of the Phyllomedusa peptides within their families is briefly discussed, dwelling upon some recent and controversial data.
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