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Plotkin MJ, Schultes RE. 
“Virola: a promising genus for ethnopharmacological investigation”. 
J Psychoactive Drugs. 1990 Jul-Sep 28;22(3):357-61.
Data are now available on the antifungal use of Virola from four countries and some 14 different tribes of Indians in these countries who employ the Virola exudate for the same or similar purposes. Three of the five methods of ethnobotanical investigation proposed by Schultes and Swain in 1976 have been employed in this ethnobotanical research. Furthermore, both of the present authors have successfully employed this antifungal treatment themselves. Given that deep fungal infections of the skin are often considered incurable with medications currently in use, further laboratory analysis of Virola resin should be undertaken as soon as possible.
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