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Stewart OC. 
“Peyotism and Mescalism”. 
Plains Anthropologist. 1980;25:297-309.
The identity, origin, use and relationship of Peyote or Peyote buttons and mescal, mescal buttons, mescalbeans or meascaline continue to be confused. This paper examines the history of the confusion and uses ethnohistorical data to clarify the situation. Although Peyote, Lophophora williamsii and mescalbean, SOphora secundiflora, share the same general growth area, mostly in Mexico, the Spanish and Mexican reports on Peyote use are ancient and numerous, while nothing has been written about the use of mescalbeans south of the border. The use of the term mescalbeans to refer to the red seed of Sophora decundiflora did not appear in print until 1914. A recent study shows that the greatest use of mescalbeans has been as beads. The paper concludes that theorists have inflated the importance of the relationship between mescalbeans and Peyote.
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