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Kahn, EJ. 
“Jungle Botanist”. 
New Yorker Magazine. 1992 June.
"[Richard Evans Schultes] betook himself to one of the wildest and least known of jungle areas of the world,to spend fourteen years of his life in hard physical work, constant exposure to the tropical elements and diseases, insufficient diet,and complete lack of even rudimentary comforts. A scholar with a thorough classicaltraining and of outstanding cultural and scientific attainments, he divorced himself from all centres of culture and lived for long periods amongst Indians or unlettered half-breeds.A superb correspondent, he plunged himself into regions where, for months on end, he received not one letter or newspaper....A mild-mannered and dignified person, he feared none of the dangers that his expeditions presented.... And,perhaps most astonishing of all: a naturalist who looked with abhorrence on the philosophy that nothing not immediately beneficial to man was worthy of study, he... filled his note-books with observations and studies on all manner of native economic plants, including gums and resins, fibres, foods, drugs, narcotics and stimulants, oils, dyes, and timbers."
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