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Leary T, Metzner R, Presnell M, Weil G, Schwitzgebel R, Kinne S. 
“A New Behavior Change Program Using Psilocybin”. 
Psychotherapy. 1965 Jul;2(2):61-72.
This paper describes the procedure and results of a new kind of behavior change or rehabilitation program The methods used here may have applications to a wide range of settings in the field of rehabilitation or behavior change.

The program aims to produce such changes in prisoners' ways of thinking and living as will enable them to stay out of prison once they are: released. It is well known that our contemporary prison systems do not perform this function (usually called "reforming" the criminal). Fifty to seventy percent of offenders paroled or released return within a 5-year period, with a nationwide average of 67% (Mattick, 1960) .
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