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Christmas DMB. 
“'Brain shivers': from chat room to clinic”. 
Psychiatric Bulletin. 2005;29:219-221.
The internet is rapidly becoming a first-line source forclinicians and patients alike, and it is increasingly necessarythat clinicians maintain an open dialogue with theirpatients about their information sources. In this paper, Ilook at the emergence of ‘brain shivers’ as a side-effectthat appears to have emerged online, in the context ofantidepressant side-effects and withdrawal. I discusspossible biological explanations for this strange, possiblynew, complaint, as well as the emergence of particularsymptoms as a sociological phenomenon aided by newtechnology.Psychiatrists frequently ask their patients about thepresence of adverse effects caused by antidepressants.We often ask about dizziness and postural hypotension,for example, but may not enquire about variations uponcommon adverse effects, and unless our patients volunteera specific side-effect, we run the risk of being
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