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Sahenk Z, Mendell JR, Couri D, Nachtman J. 
“Polyneuropathy from inhalation of N2O cartridges through a whipped-cream dispenser”. 
Neurology. 1978 Jun 12;28(5):485-7.
A generalized toxic polyneuropathy was identified in a 23-year-old woman after excessive intentional inhalation of compressed N2O delivery from cartridges through a whipped-cream dispenser. The chronology of the patient's N2O abuse correlated clearly with two episodes of recurrent polyneuropathy. The toxic effects were limited to the nervous system, primarily involving the peripheral nerves, although some signs suggested a possible effect on the cerebellum or its connections. The findings on sural nerve biopsy were nonspecific, characterized principally by axonal degeneration. Gas chromatographic analysis of the N2O cartridges dispensed through the whipped-cream canister revealed an exposure to N2O and 26 other compounds. Three of these, trichloroethylene, toluene, and phenol, are known neurotoxins.
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