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Nielsen J, Friedrich U, Tsuboi T. 
“Chromosome abnormalities and psychotropic drugs”. 
Nature. 1968;218:488-489.
During a study of chromosome abnormalities in five patients treated with d-lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD) we examined thirty patients in a mental hospital and ten hospital staff members as controls. The frequency of gaps was significantly higher in the thirty patients than in the staff members group (x2=6.859 l2< 0.01). When we divided the group of patients into those treated with drugs and those not treated with drugs, we found that the frequency of gaps and breaks in the group treated with drugs was significantly higher than in the group of patients not treated with drugs (X2=10.399, P < 0.005, P(Fisher) = 0.037, Table 1).
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Sep 26, 2018 18:49
Part of the LSD-Causes-Chromosome Damage Disaster Series #

See Erowid's article describing that the myth that LSD causes chromosome damage, a false fact that was scientifically discredited in the 1970s, though continued to be repeated through the 2000s. Bogus Science: LSD and Chromosome Damage (2002)
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