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Zsigmond EK. 
“Letters to the editor of clinical workshop. Anesthetic Considerations in Patients on LSD-25”. 
Anesthesiology. 1968;29:384.
The growing use of LSD-25, lysergic acid diethylamide, is receiving wide publicity. Although its hallucinogenic properties have been described vividly, and the public has become alarmed about is acute and chronic ill effects, few know that some physicians are using it to alleviate the mental anguish in terminal cancer patients to the extent of obtunding consciousness. Some anesthesiologists have found that LSD-25 caused a marked potentiation of the analgesic effects of meperidine and dihydromorphinone and also that it possesses some analgesic effect. The potentiation of analgesia by LSD-25 is not surprising, since this compound was found to have marked anticholinesterase activity and anticholinesterase agents have long been known to potentiate analgesic drugs.
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