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Gordon DM. 
“Visual defects and LSD”. 
Arch Opthal.. 1967;78:536-564.
A 20 year old male college student with known low-grade Gilber's disease, but without demonstrable jaundice, was seen on Dec. 31, 1966, with a one-year history of change in central vision. The history was unclear, but he did admit to using lysergic acid deithylamide (LSD) on five or six occassions. He had no recollection of staring into the sun at these times. He had once smoked but had given this up before I saw him. He was myopic (OD-1.75, OS-1.00) and saw 20/40 and 20/60 corrected. He presented on December 31, 1966, a good foveal reflex on the right surrounded by vague drusen-like bodies. The left macula was edematous with similar white dots. Vitreous cells were never seen.
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