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Zellweger H, McDonald J, Abbo G. 
“Is Lysergic-Acid Diethylamide a Teratogen?”. 
The Lancet. 1967 NOVEMBER 18,;p1066.
A girl with a malformed right leg was born to a 19-year-old woman who had taken Lysergic-acid diethylamide (L S.D.) on the 25th day after her last menstrual period and three times between the 45th and 98th days. Her husband had also taken 'the drugs The child presented with the typical picture of the unilateral fibular aplastic syndrome. Since the mother took the second dose of L.S.D. in the period critical for.the production of leg deformities, it is not unreasonable to suspect a causal relationship. Chrornatid breaks were found in peripheral white blood-cells of the father (2 breaks), mother (5), and child (3).
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