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Palacios JM. 
“Quantitative Receptor Autoradiography: Application to the Study of Multiple Serotonin Receptors in Rat Cortex”. 
CNS Receptors--From Molecular Pharmacology to Behavior. 1983.
In recent years methods have been developed that allow the localization of receptors for drugs and neurotransmitters at the light-and electron-microscopic levels, using the technique of autoradiography (1). Two important developments in this field have been the availability of an in vitro method for the labeling of receptors for autoradiography (a) and the adaptation of this technique, thanks to the use of a 3H-sensitive film, for quantitative microdensitometric determination of receptor densities (3-5). Because of the use of in vitro conditions for labeling of receptors, allowing for the utilization of drugs with different affinities for specific receptor subtypes,and because of its high anatomical resolution, the quantitative autoradiography of receptors is a method especially well suited for the study of multiple receptors for a neurotransmitter (a). In this paper I shall describe methods for the computer-assisted microdensitometric measurement of receptor concentrations and the application of this technology to the study of the laminar distribution of serotonin-1 (5HT-1) and serotonin-2 (5HT-2) (7-8) receptors in the rat cortex.
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