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Swann AC, Heninger GR, Marini JL, Sheard MH, Maas JW. 
“Lithium effects on high-affinity tryptophan uptake: evidence against a stabilization mechanism”. 
Brain Research. 1980;194:287-292.
Acute effects of lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD) and chlorimipramine on tryptophan uptake into rat brain synaptosomes were studied in rats treated chronically with dietary lithium and in control rats. The acute drug treatments did not change Vmax or Km for tryptophan uptake in control rats. In lithium-treated rats, chlorimipramine increased and LSD decreased Vmax. These results indicate that, rather than stabilizing serotonin production through tryptophan uptake changes, chronic lithium treatment may increase the responsiveness of tryptophan uptake to changes in serotonin.
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