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Martin WR. 
“The Nature of Opioid and LSD Receptors: Structural Activity Relationship Implications”. 
QUASAR. Quantitative structure activity relationships of analgesics, narcotics, antagonists, and hallucinogens. 1978;22:60-69.
The structural activity relationships of the drugs under consideration are inexorably entwined with receptors and receptor theory since they have been clearly demonstrated to have agonistic and antagonistic activity. It also appears that their pharmacologic effects are in some way related to neurotransmitters and neuromodulators. The discovery of the endorphins and enkephalins and the similarities of some of their effects to those of the narcotic analgesics has given rise to a most exciting chapter of pharmacology. Over a period of nearly three decades, a pharmacology of the LSDlike hallucinogens has been emerging which suggests that they too may intereact with several receptors. In this presentation, I wish to discuss some concepts that are emerging concerning receptor topology and drug selectivity which bear directly on receptor classification and which have relevance to SAR of these two groups of drugs.
Notes # : Publ.: Barnett G, Trsic M, Willette RE NIDA Research Monograph 22
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