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Kocur J, Jurkowski A, Kedziora J. 
“The Influence of Haloperidol and Propranolol on Behavior and Biochemical Changes in the Brain of Mice treated with LSD”. 
Pol.J.Pharmacol.Pharm.. 1977;29(3):281-88.
The effects of haloperidol (H) and propranolol (P) on behavior and biochemical changes in brain of mice treated with LSD were studied. Methods Adult male Albino-Swiss mice received i.p. LSD (Delysid, Sandoz, 0.6 mg/kg) and were observed for 90 min to estimate exploratory activity and general behavioral changes. Motility and exploration were tested using photoelectric actometers. Aggressiveness, stereotyped behavior, hyper-reactivity to external stimuli, piloerrection, tremor and bizarre behavior were also assessed. Some animals received H (Richter, i mg/kg) or P (Polfa, to mg/kg), 30 min before LSD. Biochemical experiments were also carried out according to the same protocol. Brains were removed for assay of cAMP, adenylate cyclase (AC) and protein kinase (PK). Results LSD syndrome (anxiety, hyper-reactivity to external stimuli, occasional tremor, piloerection, head shakes, elevated aimless motility interrupted by short immobility period with assumption of unnatural position) appeared 6-10 min after LSD injection and persisted for 90 min in full strength and then gradually declined; Aggressiveness and exploration were inhibited and motility was increased during the 1st 60 min. H depressed,but P had no effect on,aggressiveness and motor and exploratory activities. H. and P slightly less, counteracted the behavioral effects of LSD. LSD did not change the activity of AC but depressed the concentration of cAMP and the activity of PIK in mouse brain homogenates. H produced similar effects. P-depressed AC activity and cAMP level but did not affect PK "activity. Administration of H before LSD depressed both the activities of AC and PK and the level of cAMP. In the group receiving P and LSD, the activity of AC was depressed, but the level of cAMP was similar to control values.
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