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Moorthy AS. 
“Mitotic and meiotic chromosome analyses in normal and hallucinogenic drug treated inbred Chinese hamsters”. 
Dissertation Abstr. Intern. B. 1974;35(2):887.
The mutational effects of the hallucinogenic drugs, LSD and psilocybin, on mammalian chromosomes were studied. Studies were conducted on inbred strains of Chinese hamsters. Mescaline, LSD and LSD plus mescaline were given to animals p.o. (except in one case where LSD was administrated i.p. at varying concentrations for different intervals of time, and their effects on chromosomes studied. Studies were also conducted on animals which were given drugs, 3 to 6 wk before sacrifice, in order to determine whether aberrations produced by drugs would persist once the animals were left untreated. On the average, 200 well-spread metaphase figures from bone marrow cells of each animal were observed in detail. Mescaline did not cause any statistically significant level of aberrations. LSD treated animals exhibited significant levels of induced aberrations. A p.o. dose of LSD produced more breaks compared to an equal dose given i.p. Very high doses of L.S.D. (100 to 300 mcg/kg) produced more breaks than moderate amounts of LSD (5 to 25 mcg/kg). When LSD was given with mescaline, there was a decrease in averrations produced. The breakage rate; however, was higher than that produced by mescaline alone. Reunions were observed only in animals given LSD alone or in combination with mescaline. Breaks produced by these drugs appear to be very transitory in that the frequency returned to almost the normal level 3-6 wk following the final administration of te drugs. The control animals had very few spontaneous aberrations. It was also observed that hallucinogens cause a preferential breakage of chromosome no.1. Very few breaks were observed to implicate the small metacentrics and the X and Y chromosomes. There were no signifiant differences between the ³non-specific mitotic indices² of drug-treated and control animals. Meiotic analyses revealed very few abnormalities.
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