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Hart NH. 
“The Effect of LSD on Somite Number in Explanted Chick Embryos.”. 
Experientia. 1975;31(1):97-98.
The influence of LSD-25 on somite numbers in explanted chick embryos was studied. Methods Chick embyros, cultured in Ringer-agar plus yolk albumen extract medium, were treated with 10, 25 and 100 mcg/ml LSD-25 (Delysid, Sandoz) for 20 hr (from stages 8-8+ to stage 129 ). Runts were discarded, and embryos with a normal appearance were evaluated for somite numbers. Results LSD Did not increase appreciably the incidence of runts. Somite numbers in control embryos produced a mean of 16.5 + 0.31, and corresponding figures for embryos exposed to the 10, 25 and 100 mcg/ml LSD were 16.7 + 0.54, 14.6 + 0.47 and 17.4 + 0.60 respectively. With the middle dose of LSD, variations in somite shape (triangular to block - shaped) were seen, with posterior pairs often diffuse and less; compact than anterior pairs. Somite numbers were not significantly different from controls at the 10 and 100 mcg/ ml LSD dose, but were significantly less than controls at the 25 mcg/ml level (p< 0.05). This effect was more pronounced at 50 mcg/ ml.
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