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Miliaresses TE, St Laurent J. 
“Effets de l'amide de l'acide lysergique-25 sur le Reaction de Sursaut chez le rat.”. 
Canada J Physiol Pharmacol. 1974;52(1):126-129.
The effect of LSD on the reactivity and habituation to repetitive acoustic stimuli was studied in the rat. Methods 32 Male adult rats were given an i.p. injection of saline or LSD 60, 120 or Z40'mcg/kg. The reaction to a repetitýve acoustic stimulus was determined by the startle response test, using a sound of 200 msec duration at 1800 Hz. Results LSD Produced a dose dependent hyperreactivity consisting of a more intense startle response and a failure to extinguish this response. LSD did not suppress the process of habituation. Conclusion It is suggested that serotonin and the Raphe nuclei are important in determining the level of reactivity in the rat.
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