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Madow L, Snow LH. 
“The psychodynamic implications of the physiological studies on psychomimetic drugs.”. 
. 1971.
Five essays dealing with the behavioral effects of the psychomimetic drugs (particularly LSD) and marijuana on humans are presented. Based on previous studies, these works delve into the reasons (both societal and individual) for the widespread use of hallucinogenic drugs and marihuana in our population and the effects of these drugs on higher sensory and cognitive functions of the brain. Several of the essays attempt an analysis of the action of these drugs on behavioral function, both conscious and unconscious, in psychologic rather than neurophysiologic terms. Some insights are offered into the reasons for the disapprobation of society towards these drugs.
Notes # : Psychopharmacology Abstracts 10, Suppl., p. 478 (1972)
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