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Quétin AM. 
“La Psilocybine en psychiatrie clinique et expérimentale”. 
Doctoral Thesis. 1960 Jun 10.
Administration of Psilocybin orally (average dose 9.26 mg.), s.c. (average dose 8.36 mg.) or i.m. (average dose 9.07 mg.), to 32 healthy persons aged 25-35 and 68 psychiatric patients aged 16-66 (21 schizophrenics, 6 with chronic delusions, 6 manic-depressive psychoses, 6 oligophrenics, 29 neuroses including 3 alcoholics). . Thorough analysis revealed the following properties of psilocybin: . 1. The effect of Psilocybin is comparable with that of LSD and Mescaline but differs in the somatic manifestations producing bradycardia, hypoglycemia, no change in leucocyte count; in the psychic sphere it releases suppressed memories. . 2. The mode of action is complex and not yet clarified: the chemical relations to LSD-25 and serotonin are interesting. . 3. The drug is certainly of interest for diagnosis and probably also for psychotherapy (studies are currently in progress in Professor Delay's clinic.) . 4. The reaction of healthy subjects can sometimes be predicted if the type of personality is known: psychometric studies should be done.
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