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Smit AA, Wieling W, Voogel AJ, Koster RW, van Zwieten PA. 
“Orthostatic hypotension due to suppression of vasomotor outflow after amphetamine intoxication”. 
Mayo Clin Proc. 1996 Nov;71(11):1067-70.
Ten hours after ingestion of amphetamines, a previously healthy 17-year-old female adolescent experienced dizziness on standing. Examination revealed pronounced drowsiness and severe orthostatic hypotension. Assessment of arterial baroreflex function suggested that suppressed sympathetic vasomotor drive was the cause of the orthostatic hypotension. Within 3 days, the baroreflex failure resolved spontaneously. To our knowledge, suppressed vasomotor outflow after ingestion of amphetamines has been previously observed only in animal studies.

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