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Salvatore S. 
“Some Related Factors of the LSD 25 Reaction”. 
Psychiatric Quart.. 1960;34:236.
One hundred twenty healthy subjects received LSD in doses of 0.5 to 2 mcg/kg and were assessed for severity of symptoms and psychiatric diagnosis. The various factors influencing the course of reaction were studied. . The most obvious factor influencing the LSD reaction is the dosage. With increasing dosage, clinical severity increases. The type of reaction also depends to a certain extent on the dose administered. With small dosage, the symptom picture is dominated by affective changes, somatic symptoms play a smaller role. With increasing dosage, the percentage of reactions classified as "schizophrenic" increase and above 1 mcg/kg all reactions are of this type. With higher dosage, the personality and other factors appear to play a lesser role in determining the phenomena produced. . The maximal effect occurs always within a few hours. Changes produced by the drug are gradual. The subjective peak with the same dosage is reached at different times. While anxiety, perceptual distortion and somatic symptoms increase with dosage, elation, hostility and "awayness" do not. They seem to depend more on the personality and its individually different reality perception.
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