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Benda P, Orsini F. 
“A propos de l'étrangeté temporo-spatiale sous LSD-25. (Soc.méd.-psychol., Séance, Paris, 13/7/59)”. 1959;117:525.
The slowing of the subjective time under LSD is probably not due to a specific effect of LSD but to the following factors: personal rigidity and inflexibility with rapid change of visual impressions; absence of connection between the present and the past; rhythmical change of symptoms, moods and feelings, absent- mindness and diminished evaluation of perceptions. Disturbance in body-image with reduced afferent kinesthetic and proprioceptive connections alters space (things appear far out of reach). This enlargement of the "experienced space" prolongs the subjective impression of time. In the same way, LSD makes it difficult to perform tests.
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