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“Psychotrope Drogen ”. 
Pharmazie. 1960;15:666-667.
Short report of society proceedings. The report concerns history and properties of Psilocybin and Psilocin as well as their chemical connection with LSD etc. . "A therapeutic use of compounds like Psilocybin and LSD is not easy to elucidate. Cerletti called them "psycholytics". Particularly in the discussion between Sattes, Schaltenbrand, Wollheim and Bauereisen, it emerged that the use of these drugs is justified when there is a possibility of selecting those patients about whom pharmacological "psycholysis" can give information on the nature of the psychic disorder and possibly contribute to its control".
Notes # : (Deutsch. pharmazeut. Ges., Bayern, Würzburg 30.6.1960)
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