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Sicuteri F, Franchi G, Michelacci S. 
“Inhibition by lysergic acid derivatives of bronchospasm induced in guinea pigs by serotonin aerosol”. 
Med.exp. (Basel). 1960;3:89-94.
The bronchospasm produced in guinea pigs by inhalation of a serotonin aerosol was inhibited by i.p. pretreatment with Sansert, LSD or BOL-148. The activity of the various preparations was as follows: Sansert> LSD> BOL-148. While 10 mcg/kg Sansert inhibited and 5 mcg/kg attenuated the attack (2.5 mcg/kg Sansert was ineffective) at least 20 mcg/kg LSD were necessary for suppression and a minimum of 10 mcg/kg for reduction of the attack; 5 mcg/kg was ineffective. A dose of 400 mcg/kg of BOL-148 was required to suppress the attack in all cases, while 100 or 200 mcg/kg decreased and 40 mcg/kg did not influence the attack at all. . Gynergen (100-600 mcg/kg) and the anitihistamine mepyramine (100 or 500 mcg/kg) did not influence the 5-HT asthma. The antihistamine trimeprazine sometimes reduced the attack in doses of 500 mcg/kg and always was effective in doses of 1.5 mg/kg; but it never completely suppressed the attack. . Sansert (100 or 200 mcg/kg) and LSD (100 or 200 mcg/kg) were ineffective against histamine asthma (histamine inhalation) in guinea pigs.
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