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Orsini F, Benda P. 
“L'epreuve du dessin en miroir sous LSD-25 ”. 
Ann.méd.-psychol.. 1960;118:809.
In the mirror-image draw test performed by 8 subjects under 1 mcg/kg LSD, a moderate deterioration of performance was noticed in regard to the time that was spent to draw a star and to the number of errors that were made. The increase in the number of errors is significant, that one in time to a lesser degree due to the effect of learning. . The variation between the picture is increased under LSD. . The increase is not uniformly distributed in the 3 successive pictures. It is significant for the time in test 1 (P < 0.1) and for the number of errors in test 2 (P < 0.01). The change of attitude between the 2 first tests if only significant under LSD. It demonstrates the development of an experimental behavior disorder. . An absolute parallel does not exist between the objective behavior of the subjects and the complaints concerning visual illusions, difficulties in control of gestures and orientation. . Concluding, in the general deterioration of performance there seems to exist an incapacity to maintain consequently an abnormal position.
Notes # : (Soc. Méd.-psychol., Séance du 28/3/1960, Paris)
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